1. What is the minimum age to pledge at Sin Lian Pawnshop?
    Any person who is above the age of 16 years old.
  2. What are the items that can be accepted?
    We accept all type of gold, diamonds, branded items & luxury timepiece.
  3. What are the procedures of pawning of pledges?
    Only 3 easy steps needed.
    1. Bring your valuable & identity card.
      (If pledge amount exceed $200, another person identity card or receipt of purchase)
    2. Valuation of your timepiece or jewellery.
    3. Receive cash & pawn ticket for your pledge.
  4. What is the interest rate charged by Sin Lian Pawnshop?
    As we are having a promotion, customer will only be charged 1% for the first month & 1.5% for the rest of the following months.
  5. How long is the pledge valid for?
    A maximum period of six months will be given to all customers to redeem or renew their ticket.
  6. What happens if my ticket has expired?
    In any case if the pawn ticket expiry, our staff will try our very best to contact our value customer via phone calls/reminder letter before the auction date. Please update us on the changes of telephone number of address, so that we could serve you better.
  7. What happens to all unredeemed pledges after six months?
    Under the pawnbroker act, all pawnbrokers are required to place all unredeemed pledges at a public auction. Please check public listing on your daily papers for the dates of auction, or call our customer service for more details.
  8. What are the procedures if i lose my pawn ticket?
    You must come down personally to our shop with your original identity card to get a lost ticket declaration form. Thereafter, you are required to submit personally the lost ticket declaration form alone with your personal document at Commissioner of Oaths or a Notary Public for endorsement before returning to our pawnshop to renew or redeem your item.